There are many different types of carpet textures. Below are images and descriptions of all the types. Please come into Barron's Abbey Flooring and Design to have a carpet expert help you today.  

Carpet Textures 

  • Level Loop Pile: Many carpets are constructed with a loop pile surface. Loop carpets are marked by a continuous uncut surface that resists crushing and matting. This style wears well and is suited for casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity.

  •  Cut Pile: Cut pile is probably the most popular construction. It’s durable because of the type of fiber used, the density of the tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn. Highly twisted yarn will hold its shape longer which makes it a smart choice for higher traffic areas.

  •  Saxony: Saxony is similar to velvet but it’s not quite a smooth. It has a soft texture that’s created by twisting fibers then uses heat to straighten the yarn. This style will show foot and vacuum marks. This is a good choice where you want a formal look in a room has less traffic.

  • Friezé: Friezé gives a room a contemporary look while making it a smart choice for any high traffic area in your home. Tightly twisted yarns give friezés a contemporary look and make it a smart choice for any active part of your home. This style is less likely to show vacuum marks or footprints than other cut pile styles.

  •  Cut Loop: Cut and loop carpet combines cut and uncut loops to create a pattern available in solid colors and multi colors. There are infinite numbers of unique geometric and overall patterns from which to choose. This style is suited for both formal and contemporary looks.

  •  Berber: Berbers are usually made in a loop construction from thick bulky yarns. The term Berber actually refers to the flecks of color against a pale background. Berbers are available in not only loop style but in other styles like shag, cables and friezés.

  •  Shag: Shags are back and more stylish than ever! The new shags combine a variety of yarn thickness and textures to make a trendy and bold statement in your home.