Your Christmas Tree Isn’t The Only Item In Your Home Worthy of Decorations.

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be elaborate. Make it simple and fun.  Start at the front door with an eye-catching wreath. Nothing says “welcome to my home” like a wreath garnished with greenery, ribbon and twinkle lights.  Add a few lanterns filled with greenery and worry-free, battery-operated candles to brighten your entry.  If you already have planters on your front porch, simply wrap those shrubs with a bit of garland.

Inside, don’t forget your entry table, which sets the tone for your home with the first impression.  Adorn it with some extra ornaments, fresh-cut greenery and a wonderfully festive-scented candle, like cinnamon, apple or pine.  The aroma of your favorite scent can make you forget your worries of a stressful holiday season, allowing you to relax as soon as you step through the front door. Your décor isn’t just for your guests to appreciate; tailor it to your lifestyle and enjoy.

No space in your home is off limits; place decorations where you see fit.  Fill a platter or silver tray with ornaments and tuck in boughs of evergreen for a simple yet elegant centerpiece. Cut some fresh holly or cedar twigs and place them in red or white vases.  Vary the sizes of the arrangements and make a collection for your mantle or sofa back table. Also, think about keeping those long branches you cut off your Christmas tree. Hang them with gift tags, holiday cards and a few special ornaments over doors and windows, or place them on your buffet. Want to make it a white Christmas? Bring in artificial snow to sprinkle on your centerpieces or fill in your candle holders.

Save time and money by using elements that you already have in your home. Pull your beautiful glassware out of your cabinets. You know... the ones you love, but never use. Fill them with artificial snow, some glass ornaments or pinecones. Don’t forget to pull out those candy dishes…might as well use them too. Wrap a large satin ribbon around a pillow, turning it into a festive present. Or, garnish those guest bathroom towels hanging on the towel bar with a colorful bow. Your candle sticks don’t have to only hold a candle. Use them to showcase ornaments or pine cones. Spend a little extra time on your gifts.  Add a little holly, rosemary or evergreen with a ribbon or twine to turn an average wrapping job into a piece of art; one your receiver will not want to open but add to their décor. Those of you who choose not use your fireplace can fill it with festive birch sticks and a few of those worry-free, battery operated candles to add a warm, romantic glow to your living room.

If that’s not enough, and you want to go the extra mile, add a little “bling, sparkle and glitz”. Remember those battery-operated twinkle lights…put them everywhere.  Incorporate them into your center pieces, drape them on your mantle, and wrap them around your bannister. The lights take any arrangement of décor to the next level, catching everyone’s eye. Spray paint holly leaves, magnolia branches or other pieces of nature’s art in a gold or silver metallic color to add to your décor. Using faux mercury glass candles holders and ornaments also adds a bit of sparkle to any display.

If the glitz is too much for you, keep with those natural elements mentioned earlier.  Combine pine cones, fir, cedar, or magnolia leaves with strands of berries and beads to make a more natural holiday garland.  Add burlap ribbon and bows for a more organic feel as well as a layered linen tree skirt or table cloth.

 Be creative and have fun! Your decorations should reflect your interests and your sense of style. Most importantly, this season is a time to share with family and friends; make it a special one.

Posted on November 22, 2016 .