Whites Are Not Just For Woodwork!

Today consumers have developed a more sophisticated relationship with design and décor with the use of color. Color affects everyone both consciously and subconsciously; it sets the tone for every room of your home.  Some hues are relaxing while others are energizing.  

White is not just for wood work these days.  Layering whites in wall color and décor elements diffuses light while surrendering to the complexity of your striking contrasts and bold line definitions.  Choosing several white hues to create a monochromatic scheme can add interest to a room while maintaining a calming atmosphere, an important element of a home in this very busy world.  The neutrality of the white brings focus to the principal design elements. White can be seen as the designers’ way of incorporating “negative space” into their art.  When designing around the world of art, the paint colors we choose should not compete with, but enhance that art.  White, and various hues of white, can be used as a back drop to guide the eye to multiple color encounters. Choose clean and clear whites to not only frame, but flatter your art.

For those who choose to live in a world of color, taupe is the new neutral standard.  Taupe creates a subtle and natural beauty in today’s design where browns are the new black.  Patone Color Institute says it well, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place, where we feel free to express a wittier version of ourselves.” Our energizing accents come from the purple family; we can even find it in the blue hues.  Bright yellow, fuscia, turquoise and orange all add bold statements.  In the future, look for the old orange tone to become a sweeter orange that has a peachy hue to capture more warmth.  When making a statement, we need these bold accents to keep the neutrals looking fresh.  Look to nature for inspiration. Natural and organic hues are interesting when added with combinations of textures and depth. 

This pairing of neutral and bold elevates your design while maintaining a balance that keeps your home current with future trends. Always remember this is your home and your creative palate; express yourself.  Choose colors that feel comfortable with and that you love to be around.

Posted on August 25, 2016 .