How to Care for your Tile or Stone

You've made an investment into the beauty and comfort of your home.  Protect that investment and extend the life of your new flooring, counter top or walls by taking the time to maintenance it properly.

First of all Protect your new tile. For your entryways invest in some good quality protective mats or rugs at your entryways.  They will help protect your tile from premature wear.  They will trap dirt and other substances that could be tracked onto your floor. Second, make sure to Seal your tile. To keep your tile looking like new, apply a good quality sealer.  Sealers are easy to apply and relatively affordable.

These protection tips along with regular sweeping and mopping will sustain the beauty of your tile and add lasting brilliance to your home décor. Last make sure to clean your grout regularly. To avoid stubborn grout stains, try to clean up spills as quickly as possible.  However, no matter what lengths we try to go to keep our tile clean and looking like new, stains may still find their way into our grout.