Terms & Conditions

Your purchase is subject to the terms and conditions of Barron’s Flooring & Design noted on all quotes and in the below document. By signing a quote, making a down payment, or authorizing the ordering of materials for your project, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of purchase.

All terms, conditions, warranties, and guarantees are applicable only to the original purchaser or original homeowner of materials purchased and installed.


A deposit for materials, or an approved credit application, is due upon acceptance of a quote unless otherwise authorized by Barron’s Flooring & Design. Payment is due in full upon completion of installation. Finance charges of 18% (APR) will be applied to any account past due. In the event of default of payment or ongoing non-payment, for any reason, Barron’s Flooring & Design will take any legal and ethical measures necessary to collect on a debt including, but not limited to filing a property lien, involvement of a collection agency, or legal action. All costs of collection of a debt will be added to the amount owed on the original invoice(s).

A quote, or estimate, is made to the best of the ability Barron’s Flooring & Design sales representatives and estimators to be an accurate representation of total project cost and scope of work. Quotes are valid for 5 days from date of issuance and are subject to change in the event of manufacturer price increases, labor increases, or unexpected events that may affect the cost of goods or service. A quote, or estimate, is not a final invoice and may change over the course of installation. At times, unforeseen circumstances may require additional labor, materials, or work beyond what was written and agreed upon in the original quote document. Additional costs may be incurred in order for job to be completed or for proper installation. If additional materials or labor are required, you will be made aware of what is needed, and the approximate cost associated. The purchaser is responsible for these additional costs with, or without, a change order document being filed. A verbal authorization of approval for additional work is considered an “official” agreement.

Any quote to furnish material and/or installation of store purchased goods is subject to the availability of materials and is subject to acceptance by the manufacturer/distributor of an order. Any delays caused by manufacturers producing or shipping products will not result in penalties to be paid by Barron’s Flooring & Design. At times, delivery and installation may be delayed because of reasons beyond the control of Barron’s Flooring & Design such as weather, production delays, shipping delays, accidents, and governmental acts. Buyer agrees that Barron’s Flooring & Design is not responsible for delays or failures in delivery or installation caused by reasons beyond the control of Barron’s Flooring & Design.
Barron’s Flooring & Design has the right to refuse installation of products not purchased directly through our retail locations or if site conditions do not allow for proper installation. Installers have the right to refuse installation if it is deemed, at the discretion of the installer or a Barron’s Flooring & Design representative, that the working environment is not fit for work to be performed. This may include, but is not limited to; environmental concerns, unfit structures for installation, and any variable that could potentially be detrimental to the safety or well-being of those performing work.

All allowable returns must be made in 10 days. Barron’s Flooring & Design makes every attempt to ensure that the proper amount of material is provided for installation. All material quantities are subject to the design and ways in which a flooring product lays out upon installation. Special order items are non-returnable. Materials stocked in Barron’s warehouse in unopened and undamaged packaging may be returnable at the discretion of store management. Cash/carry purchases that have not had quantities estimated by a Barron’s Flooring & Design representative will not be considered for returns. All sales are final on close out or remnant materials. A refund may be offered on an accepted quote if a) materials are a running stock item, or b) if special order materials have not yet left manufacturer or distribution facilities. Any restocking and/or freight charges incurred by Barron’s Flooring & Design in order to issue a refund will be paid by purchaser. There are no returns on tile and tile products.

Manufacturer products warranties are included with any purchase that is made through Barron’s Flooring & Design with, or without, installation being provided by a Barron’s Flooring & Design representative. These warranties are covered by either a manufacturer, a product distributor, or both in accordance with the warranty statement provided to buyer on the back of a product, product literature, or an individual manufacturer’s website. No other product specific warranties, either expressed or implied, are provided. Any warranty offered by the manufacturer is direct from the manufacturer and not from Barron’s Flooring & Design. Barron’s Flooring & Design will act as mediator, within reason, in the instance of a manufacturer product defect that results in a warranty claim in order to help reach a solution.

Should you have a warranty issue that is believed to be attributable to installation or a defective product, please contact Barron’s Flooring & Design and the issue will be resolved as quick as possible. Barron’s Flooring & Design will inspect and diagnose the problem and will make every attempt, within reason, to resolve an error made during installation or with a defective product. In some instances, a manufacturer representative or 3rd party inspector will be brought in to help resolve the issue or come up with a solution that meets industry standards. This warranty is valid only for the original owner-occupant or original homeowner of materials purchased and installed by Barron’s Flooring & Design. This warranty may be invalidated if problem is due to improper maintenance or cleaning, abuse, excessive moisture, vandalism, alteration, or site conditions that are outside of our control (i.e., structural issues, subfloor conditions, etc.). Barron’s Flooring & Design will not assume additional costs due to inconvenience or displacement of an occupant, or their belongings, while honoring a warranty claim. Warranty work will not begin prior to the full payment of original invoice being received. Terms of payment will apply, including past due finance charges, in the event of a warranty claim found during or directly after initial installation that results in an ongoing non-payment.

Visible merchandise damage or any home damage must be reported to our office at 209-267-0200 within three (3) days of delivery or installation.

Pre-installation Checklist:

To ensure your installation proceeds smoothly, the following information needs to be reviewed. Your cooperation in meeting our requests will be greatly appreciated and will help us ensure the quality of your installation. 

Material verification: Please ensure that all materials listed within the contract are accurate including: Cushion, Subflooring, Transition moldings, Wall moldings, Grout color, Grout type, Plank installation direction, Tile installations direction (straight, diagonal, custom pattern, etc.)

Jobsite conditions: Many hardwood and laminate floors must be stored in the areas to be installed prior to installation to allow for acclimation. Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturer's specifications during acclimation, installation, and after installation. Failure to maintain proper temperature and humidity may cause permanent damage to flooring for which Customer acknowledges and agrees Barron’s Flooring & Design shall not be responsible. Installers will need access to electricity during installation. Installers will need access to water during installation (tile & vinyl installation only).

Installation Arrival: Homeowner is responsible for securing all pets prior to installer’s arrival and for the duration of the installation. Each installation is custom, and some may take longer than others. Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to be at the jobsite at the initial arrival. 

Furniture Removal: If the installation includes moving larger furniture, please complete the following tasks before the installer arrives:

  • Remove all items from cabinets.
  • Remove wall plaques and pictures from all areas including rooms adjacent to areas being installed.
  • Remove bedding and pillows.
  • Remove items from the top of dressers and tables.
  • Remove drawers from dressers.
  • Remove items from closet floors and all low hanging garments.
  • Toilets: If you have contracted us to remove your toilet, there may be unforeseen plumbing conditions that might cause a water leak. You may need to hire a professional plumber to reinstall the toilet or repair a leak.
  • Pianos & Pool Tables: If you have contracted us to move your piano or pool table, please be advised that we are not responsible for tuning the piano or leveling the pool table. We do not move slate pool tables or grand pianos.
  • Electronics: Our installers do not move electronics of any kind. Customer is responsible for disassembly, moving, assembling and connecting equipment after units.
  • Remove low hanging draperies.

Material Amounts

A 2% variance on material widths is within mill tolerances and is agreed to be acceptable within the industry limits. The quantity of materials sold is compatible to measurement of floor covering and the material dimensions. Material overage of approximately 10% is required in order to cut, seam, and trim materials. Barron’s Flooring & Design has taken this variation into full account in establishing pricing. Installation charges are based on the amount of material needed and not on the installed amount. 

Product Color

Color match to samples will vary from dye lot to dye lot. Customer agrees to accept color variances that fall within industry-established ranges. Shading, pooling, water marking, shedding, fluffing or pile crushing do not constitute manufacturing defects. These are inherent characteristics of all pile fabrics. Hardwood, cork, and bamboo are natural materials that will have color variations such as variations from heartwood to sapwood, mineral streaks, and variations in the grain. Temperature and humidity must be maintained within manufacturer specifications.

Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product's color when shown on our website, actual colors may vary. Due to computer monitor resolution and color settings, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed when viewing products on our website. We make every attempt to give you a good representation of the available colors for each product available in our stores. For an accurate representation of product appearance, you should view a sample of the product in a store or request a sample of the product (if available) to be sent to your home.

Hardsurface trims are coordinating, not matching. Slight color variations may exist between the flooring material and trims.

Dust: Installing new flooring may cause a considerable amount of dust. Please take adequate measures to protect your belongings. The dust cannot be contained to just the areas being installed.

Squeaks: The installers cannot repair existing floor squeaks or guarantee that any attempt to do so will be effective. 

Doors: We assume no responsibility for cutting doors. Installers can remove doors to install flooring, but we are not responsible for replacing doors if the new flooring does not provide adequate clearance.

Walls & Baseboards: Even though the installers will take all normal precautions when new flooring is installed, it may be necessary for the Customer to touch up the baseboards after installation. The installers will exercise every care possible in removing and reinstalling molding, but we cannot be responsible for breakage because the condition of the molding is beyond our control. If you would like your old molding removed, please tell the installers. If you plan to paint or wallpaper, this should be completed after installation. New applied paint and wallpaper is especially susceptible to damage.

Carpet Removal: If you have wall to wall carpeting now, the installers will use your existing tack strip. If it is not reusable the installers will replace it at no charge. Please do not remove existing tack strip but do be sure to remove all staples used to secure cushion and carpet to the subfloor.

Seams: Seams will be visible (carpet & vinyl only): Where seaming is necessary the carpet/vinyl will be seamed according to the best-known method, and the best possible way for the material involved. The visibility of your seams will depend on the type of carpet/vinyl, lighting, and direction of seam. Unless otherwise specifically set forth in your Contract, seams will be left to the discretion of the installer.

Existing or subfloors not installed by Seller: Installing new hard surface floors without the required sub-floor or underlayment will void the installation warranty and may affect the manufacturer's warranty as well. Problems arising from underlayment not installed by us or arising from floor structure are not our responsibility and are not covered by the warranties. 

Unforeseen structural issues: Many structural issues cannot be seen until the old flooring is removed. If the installers find any structural issues during installation such as termite damage or water damaged structural subflooring, the install will be stopped until the Customer is able to remedy the structural issue.  Concrete subfloor preparation quotes are subject to change upon inspection.

Pull up of Existing Floors:

  • Pull up and disposal of any existing flooring is not included with your order unless specifically itemized in the Sales Order.
  • Asbestos: We are not licensed to remove asbestos flooring. We can go over it or you may hire an asbestos removal company.
  • Pull up of glued carpet. We will quote you a basic price for this work, however we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen situations. If the glue on the existing carpet is extremely aggressive or if in the process of pulling it up there is damage to the subfloor that must be repaired, we reserve the right to charge for the extra costs of additional labor and materials.
  • Pull up of wood floors, tile, or vinyl. We will quote a basic price. However, the price could rise due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We are not licensed to remove flooring or house components with lead paint.
  • If extra charges apply you will be notified at once and you have the option of paying the additional money or doing the work yourselves. There will be no refund of the materials ordered to do the job.
  • For health reasons our installers reserve the right to refuse to pull up urine-soaked floors or for other conditions. Additional charges may apply.
  • We cannot be held responsible for unknown circumstances. Our professional estimators make every effort to include every item we can foresee. For example, it is impossible to know if and how much leveling of a sub-floor may be required before the existing floor is removed. If leveling is required, an additional charge may apply. Other such circumstances arise from time to time.

Countertops Terms of Agreement:

  • Estimate is subject to change after official measurements are conducted IF measurements and specifications provided by the client differ from actual measurements and specifications.
  • Slab count/allowances are approximate and subject to change depending upon actual slab selection, dimensions, color variation and movement and seam placement.
  • Removal of existing counters is NOT included, unless specified as “Tear-out” in the Description.
  • Barron’s does NOT save sink or cooktop cut outs. These are jagged pieces that are dangerous to handle and are discarded at the time of fabrication.
  • Barron’s does NOT deliver remnants due to the potential for damage to other pieces of our vehicles.
  • QUARTZITE material carries an additional labor fee for fabrication due to the difficulty of working with the material. Clients must advise Barron’s if their selected material is quartzite so that the estimate can be adjusted accordingly. If you select a quartzite which has linear veining, you may want to consider a mitered edge. The benefit of the mitered edge is that it gives us a better ability to continue the veining from the countertop surface to the face of the edges. We would not be able to provide as close a vein-match with the laminated edge. With lighter quartzites we also sometimes see what is known as "bruising" of the stone at the edges which can make the lamination line appear either lighter or darker than the surrounding stone. This is less pronounced with a mitered edge. The upgraded mitered edge cost is noted in the Price Difference for Alternative Edges section. Some quartzites are susceptible to retaining water from fabrication and most likely will require installation without sealing of the stone. You will need to be extremely careful with your countertops while the water evaporates. Once the stone is completely dry, we will need to return to seal it.
  • All edging is priced as standard unless otherwise specified by client. Mitered edges are an upgrade and pricing is available upon request. Barron’s does not offer chiseled/live edges, laminated edges taller than 1-1/2" or laminated 3CM edges.
  • Per manufacturer specifications, quartz material with mitered edges requires additional seams at inside corners to reduce the
  • potential for fissures at pressure points.
  • All backsplash is quoted with a flat polished edge unless otherwise specified by Client.
  • The estimate includes one template trip and one installation trip (unless otherwise specified). Any additional trips per the request of the client or due to the jobsite not being properly prepared may result in an additional trip charge.
  • When the client is ready to schedule, Barron’s will offer our first available template and installation dates.
  • Customer Obligations:
    • Sinks, faucets, appliances and/or cooktops MUST be present at the job site prior to template request; failure to provide these items will delay your installation.
    • Apron sinks must be cut into cabinets prior to template appointment. DISCLAIMER: Porcelain, Fireclay
    • and Granite Composite sinks run the risk of cracking and generally cannot be replaced without requiring countertop to be replaced as well.
    • Please be sure to inspect your sink and/or cooktop for any damage or defect prior to template.